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Whimsical, Sketch, Invision


July - September 2018


About the company

Open Group is a computer engineering and digital services company that supports companies and organizations in their industrial and digital transformation. Their 100% integrated IT and digital offer covers the entire value chain of digital companies, from digital marketing to big data, cloud, security and web development. We were asked to completely reframe and reshape this first digital services e-commerce platform, its strategy and global experience. We have also supported OPEN in the revision the positioning of the platform and make its service offering more complete and easier to access.


Contribution : UX Project Manager

My role in this project was to work on the entire product life-cycle, from strategy to design and launch. My main mission on this project was :
- Conduct design and product management activities with strategists : conceptual thinking and ideation workshops, interviews, test sessions and daily scrums.
- Set up and reconfigure the UX process all the way through the product development.
- Produce and present UX assets to the client.
- Elaborate the roadmap, project schedules, organize sprints and ressource plans managing the production team (creatives + developers).
- Pilot and track project budgets, costs, progress and delivery.

The problem

The first version of their website and value proposition didn’t resonate with the target audiences, affecting visits, conversion rates and growth . The global experience and journey was yet to be improved, resulting in confusion during product research and selection, with inadequate methods of classification, visualization, and contact. They needed a radical change.

Design challenge

The main objective was to encourage customers to approach the digitization of their organization and offers to build a professional customer relationship and proximity online. Our goals were to simplify and optimize the customer journey and help generate leads.
HOW MIGHT WE design a product for digital professionals that is easy to use and empower confidence in managers to use Open's services, while encouraging them to contact the brand?
Workflow - Open

User research

In collaboration with strategists, we kicked off the project with a User experience audit. I prepared and planned interviews and surveys with experts to extract the most possible knowledge and map the sales process. We wanted to fully understand how sales managers handle and track operations from scouting to sales. Strategic workshops then led us to clarify and define the project vision and product objectives to create value from the business and user viewpoint:
  • Company challenges, goals and opportunities for growth.
  • Brainstorming and ideation.
  • Use of the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why + how).


A major hurdle to be overcome was a lack of access to data and analytics and tight deadlines to respect. On the basis of this short research session, I planned a workshop with stakeholders to ideate a validate the user journey map to highlight how improvements could be made.

The solution

Reviewing the presentation of the business offers was the first task on our roadmap. The objective was to clearly display all offers and services so the customer can easily find the skills and qualifications to overcome their technical challenges. The objective of this platform was to provide direct access to all Group competencies and connect customers with experts who know how to find a tailored answer to the customer’s needs (business lines, expertise, missions, etc.).


The site diagram provided clarity on where we should focus our efforts and the necessary steps we had to design. I worked on planning the different user scenarios and flows to address a solution for the customer’s core needs.

Wireframes & Prototyping

I started with an iterative approach, crafting low-fi to high-fi wireframes and reviewing each version with experts. These sketches allowed me to get a general idea of what the interface would look like and work my way up to building high-fidelity wireframes on Sketch. The main objectives were as follows:

  1. Enhance consistency within navigation.
  2. Reinforce research tools and user inquiry traceability within the personal account.
  3. Strengthen on-boarding and support.
  4. Generate leads.

Customer account

The establishment of a personal account allows a customer to find the requests with the associated quotes and would allow the brand to facilitate the receptionn, processing and follow-ups of these requests via the back office linked to the CRM.


Search engine

To facilitate the discovery of job profiles, we have chosen to set up an autocompletion system on the title fields by indexing the various contents of the product pages as well as adding a weighted tag system that can handle synonyms and cross sell. The set up tool allows for both reporting of results according to their relevance and measuring and analyzing the research carried out by users (table, statistics of trends and research, etc.).

Lead generation

For the first objective of lead generation, we have set up to three points of contact according to the needs of the prospect and data collected during the user research: recall, request via a single page (CTA), cross-functional entry of specific request. During the first review of the initial platform, we identified opportunities that would ensure a better experience for users. The review successfully secured funding for a UX boost that was based on three main ideas.


UI Design & Video