UI design, IA, IXD


Sketch, Invision, Overflow


May 2019


About the project

Rocambole entered the app market for empowering people to rediscover literature through digital short series and encourage them to read every day on their mobile device, anytime, everywhere. 
The genesis of the project goes back to their desire to cultivate the digital potential of literature, which remains untapped by publishing houses. Rocambole offers to their users to receive short stories, in serialized novel format, so it can be read on a daily basis through the application. Rocambole strives to take advantage of the increasingly fragmented current way of living by collaborating with professionals (web authors, writers, screenwriters, producers etc) to provide its users an easy-to-use solution that enables people to have access to premium content. They quickly realized their ambition was to join Netflix and Spotify as the leader in digital literary entertainment.

Contribution : Product designer

For the release of the beta version, I was brought on board to help the startup designing and launching the second version of their product. Considering user feedback and insights, I advised them on the UX process to build a compelling and easy to use MVP focusing on the essential. Their objective for this release was to quickly validate their concept and start working on a clear and consistent first features base so they can start working on iteration and scalability. However my main missions were to work both on the interaction and UI design side and improve the look and feel of the app (mockups, prototype, interaction guidelines and specifications).

How it works

1. Browse and read new literary episodes through personalized experience according to your interests.
2. Save and follow your favorite series in the read-list section.

The Rocambole app is designed to help people rediscovering literature through short formats so they can consume and discover entertaining stories on a daily basis. By discovering content that is appropriate to their reading habits, users can easily follow and save many series created or moderated by Rocambole.



A personalized experience




An easy way to discover series


Make reading easy and delightful




Style guide


I applied a minimalistic approach using different shades of two main colours based on their graphic identity. The emphasis was placed on simplicity, clarity and consistency in navigation so I could create a clean and de-cluttered interface. I also chose to simplify the access to the core content and highlight their work on series covers. On the whole interface, I gave high degree of importance on typography and information architecture to improve readability. At each steps of my design process, I also made sure that I work on a task oriented approach and cover all edge cases. It was important to deliver accurate and highly detailed assets to prepare and facilitate the development phase for the front-end engineer.