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I am a French design generalist driven by simplicity and purpose. While I focus on imagining engaging product experiences, I specialize in UX and interaction design and have experience working on all kinds of screen-based things. My process has been sharpened over the last 4 years working both for award-winning digital agencies and tech companies. Today, I continue to explore new forms of design that offer new perspectives. I believe in creating transparent solutions that create value both for business, people and prompt them to action.


I approach design with an intent to maximize its impact on the company short & long term objectives by tailoring products according to its customers and business needs. I think the best experiences are not found in products that deal with a large set of features, but those that constantly refine their vision to focus and excel at one particular thing. Every interactions and touchpoint need to be thought through to capture people’s mind and push the product forward. On a more practical side, I care about building elegant and considered interface with purpose.

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My Design process

My field of action covers product discovery, user experience, and interaction design to offer tailor-made solutions for every project my clients entrust me with.

¹ Discover to diagnose

I help the people I work with to develop differentiated digital experiences by building meaningful relationships with their customers. This phase is about researching people needs & business domain: I start by analyzing what is happening (existing quant. data) and uncover why it is happening (qual. data).

² Define how to solve x

With a good understanding of the context, I help to analyse and frame the problem so it can be tackled methodically and creatively. While identifying opportunities with the team, I help laser focus on the most important hypothesis and prioritize design work and so we can start exploring ideas.

³ Develop the solution

I practice design in an inclusive and participative way to collide ideas and leverage everyone's creativity. At this stage, I facilitate creative workshops where everyone can contribute to shaping a strong concept. I then refine and test iteratively with users to ensure cohesiveness, usability and validate our initial hypothesis.

⁴ Deliver, test & refine

During this phase, I start crafting functionalities and form to match your brand personality. I don’t just tweak pixels. I help companies get their ideas released quickly through thoughtful and well-crafted products that elevate their business and drive results. I do it by refining animations of UI components and specified high fidelity prototypes and review them with developers.


Design craft

Design research
Product thinking
Information architecture
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Interaction design
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Participative design approach
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